How is my property valued?

Values are determined by comparing your property with properties that are similar in location, style, size, age, and amenities. The market value is determined using recent sales of similar properties.

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How do I apply for a lost title?

The Application for Duplicate Title must be signed by all owners listed on the titled and notarized. The form and a $15 fee must be submitted to the County Clerk.

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Where do I pay my traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are paid at Circuit Court and Municipal Court.

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How do I find out what my zoning area is?

To find out what your zoning area is, you will need to call the Development Department (307) 235-9447. Have the subdivision name (if appropriate) or section, township, range, physical address, and the name of the property owner ready when you call. You can also try our online mapping tool -

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When do I need a building permit?

Before constructing any structure please contact the Building Department at (307) 235-9435.

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How do I apply for a building permit online?

Visit our  building permit website.

How do I buy a trails pass?

Visit this page to learn more about your options to purchase a trails pass.  Trails passes are available at the Parks Department, online and local vendors.

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