What do I do now?
A lot of information will be shared with you and your family. You will need to make several decisions. The following is a suggested list to help guide you and your loved ones:

1. Determine who the legal next of kin is to make decisions on the decedent's behalf.
2. You will need to select a funeral home to assist you in making funeral arrangements and to coordinate the final disposition of your love one's remains
3. Once you have chosen a funeral home, the funeral director will make arrangements to pick up and transport your loved one's remains back to the funeral home following our examination.
4. Finally, remember to check in on yourself. Stress can come into one's life quickly and unexpectedly. Do not be afraid to use resources available to you in your community.

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1. Why is the coroner's office involved with this death?
2. When will my loved one be released from the coroner's office?
3. Are autopsies always performed in coroner's cases?
4. How do I obtain a copy of the death certificate?
5. Will my loved one still be able to participate in the Anatomical Gift Act and be a donor?
6. What do I do now?