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Our natural environments range from sand dunes and rock cliffs to mountain forests and cool lakes. You can enjoy nature all by yourself or with friends. 

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Nov 29

Casper Mountain Conditions and Updates

Posted on November 29, 2022 at 9:26 AM by Parks Department

Nordic Ski Conditions as of November 28th,  2022
  •  Two storms over the holiday weekend left us with a combined 8 inches of new snow. 
  • The Maze and Strube are still all that's open. Strube is in great shape. There are still some thin spots in the Maze, be careful from the lodge cross trail to the top of Parking Lot Hill, it's very thin there. 
  • The very warm weather last Friday did not help our trail conditions. 
  • Efforts are continuing to compact a base and cover the open areas on our other trails to get them open as soon as possible. 


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