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Jan 20

Casper Mountain Conditions and Updates

Posted on January 20, 2022 at 8:19 AM by Parks Department

Nordic Ski Conditions January 20, 2022

  • A trace of new snow last night. They cleaned up around the Lights, Stadium and Strube. Still limited classic tracks, some gravel and dirt are starting to show through after the heavy use from the races the last 2 weekends. The Maze and Strube are in good shape considering our lack of snow.
  • Good News!!!!! Pulled the Closed signs off Bishop’s, Bump’s-a-Daisy, and Beartrap, you can now access Tower Hill and the N-40 via Bumps-a-Daisy and Ski Team.
  • ROCK SKIS NEEDED on all trails outside of the Maze and Strube. Beartrap is fine for snow shoes and bikes, skiing is not recommended. You will want to remove your skis if skiing downhill on Beartrap for nearly 100 feet, right at the top.
  • We will only groom outside Strube on larger fresh snowfalls or accumulated multiple smaller ones as to not make our problems areas worse instead of better.
  • Ridge, Goodluck , most of the N-40 loop, Zig-Zag, View, Biathlon connector, S-Hill and Powder Hill will remain closed until multiple feet of additional snow has fallen.
  • The NRCS has us at 54% of average snowfall for the snow season starting OCT 1ST. Our records over the past 25 years say we should be around 8 feet of groomed snow by this date. After the October, November, and early December snowfalls melted or completely blew away in the wind storm prior to Christmas, we have currently groomed only 22 INCHES of snowfall as of today.  We are roughly 6 FEET below normal snowfall at this time, generally it takes 4 FEET just to get the majority of our trails open for the season. The trails that are open are extremely thin, ski with caution.


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