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Feb 02

Casper Mountain Conditions and Updates

Posted on February 2, 2021 at 1:17 PM by Parks Department

Nordic Trails Conditions Update for February 02, 2021

  • A skiff of new snow last Sunday. Groomers re-groomed some of the high traffic areas yesterday. Trails are in good shape considering conditions. Zig Zag cannot be connected across the meadow. Hard packed, springtime, freeze thaw conditions have begun about 3 weeks early. Be aware of hazards that are appearing due to snow melt.

  • As of 1 Feb, we have received 48 inches of snow for the season, tying the 2001/02 season for the second lowest total-to-date snowfall in the last 28 years that we have records. 2012/13 season was the worst at 31 inches on 02/09/13, we didn’t groom/pack outside of Strube and portions of the Maze until February 10th  that year. 01/02 ended up with 99” for season total by June. 130 inches short of average, we ended grooming operations on March 13th that year. In 12/13 we melted out on the 17th, with reduced grooming until the 23rd. We got clobbered in late April early May that year, and brought our yearly snow total to almost normal, but a month after grooming ended.

  • We have stated before in this trail conditions report that we BEGIN grooming operations at approximately 4 feet of snow, which equates to roughly 6 inches of packed base. We just got there and it’s starting to melt the exposed areas. The struggle you have seen regarding trail conditions for the past 7 weeks typically happens behind “Trail Closed” signs prior to Christmas Break. Attempting to keep the trails skiable this season on extremely low snow has wreaked havoc on our grooming equipment, many areas are only 2-3 inches deep.  

    We need multiple FEET of snow soon, think snow!!!

  • Ski passes are required for all that use the mountain trail system. Funds generated from ski pass sales go to maintaining and grooming trails. Passes can be purchased at Mountain Sports, Zeelo's, 42 Degrees North and Natrona County Roads, Bridges and Parks office in Mills.

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