The Wandering Elf

This Holiday Season follow the travels of our Wandering Elf as he explores the wondrous places of Natrona County. 

His mission is to learn as much as he can about our places to visit.  Help him along the way and tell us a story about the places he finds.  Maybe you can help him learn more about the place or share a story.  He is interested in history, rocks, mountains, snow, water, sand, animals and trees.  He is also interested in learning more about you and the people who live here. 

Begin the journey here or simply click on the elf's beard to begin. Check back every other day and see where he is headed next.  When you find him, click on his mouth and see what he knows about his location.  He is a little shy, so you will have to click all around his beard and pipe to convince him to open up and share.
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