Jury Duty


The Natrona County Office of the Clerk of District Court handles jury trials for the Seventh Judicial District Court. Jurors are summoned for a six-month term, during which they only need appear if called by the Clerk of District Court's Office. The office calls two jury panels every year:
  • March through August
  • September through February
If you are selected to serve as a District Court juror, you will receive a telephone call from one of our staff who give you the date, time, and place to appear for the jury trial.


The stipend for jury duty is $30 per day (plus mileage if you live more than 2.5 miles from the courthouse).

Food & Beverages

Only bottled water is allowed in our courtrooms. No other food or beverage is allowed.

Prior Notice & Emergencies

We try to provide one week’s notice prior to your need to appear. If you have an emergency after hours, you may call (307) 235-9247 and leave a message.