2023 Vehicle Registration Legislation

Bill  Catch Title Enrolled PDF Document Link to WY Statute Effective Date
HB0041 Lightweight Trailers-Permanent Registration HB0041 Enrolled (PDF) HB0041 Details July 1, 2023
HB0067 Special License Plate Decal - Women Veterans HB0067 Enrolled (PDF) HB0067 Details July 1, 2023
HB0199 License Plate Decal - Breast Cancer Awareness HB0199 Enrolled (PDF) HB0199 Details July 1, 2023
SF0038 Special License Plates - Organ Donations SF0038 Enrolled (PDF) SF0038 Details July 1, 2023
SF0067 MPV - Disabled License Plates SF0067 Enrolled (PDF) SF0067 Details July 1, 2023

HB0041 - Lightweight Trailers -Optional Permanent Registration

Effective Date - July 1, 2023
View WYDOT Press Release (PDF)

  • Qualifications
    • Weigh 1,000 lbs or less
    • Not mobile equipment
    • Subject to registration fees 
  • Option 1 - Trailer less than 6 years old
    • $350 one time permanent registration fee
  • Option 2 - Trailer 6 years old or more
    • $50 one time Administrative Fee 
    • One time fee equal to 5 times the County Registration Fee that would be due at 6 years of service
    • One time fee equal to 5 times the State Registration Fee
  • The permanent trailer plate expires upon transfer of ownership and shall not be transferred to another owner
  •  The permanent trailer plate may be transferred to a another light trailer if the original owner acquires another trailer that qualifies for permanent light trailer registration within 60 days from the sale date of the original trailer

SF0038 - Special License Plates - Organ Donations

Effective Date - July 1, 2023

NOTE:  The Application for Organ Donation is provided by the Wyoming Department of Transportion.  When it is available, a link will be posted.  Please visit their website for more information here.

  • Qualifications
    • Any motor vehicle that is not a commercial vehicle or MPV
  • Registration Fees are the same as those established in WS 31-3-101 (a) and the personalized plate fee
  • Application for Organ Donation Plates are to be made to the County Treasurers' Offices
  • The application form shall give the applicant the option to donate $1.00 or more to organ donation awareness, adn the donation amount shall be deposited in a separate account
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation  shall make Organ Donation Plates available beginning January 1, 2024

SF0067 - Multipurpose Vehicle Disabled License Plates

Effective Date - July 1, 2023

  • Multipurpose Vehicles (MPVs) may be issued license plates with the International symbol of access
  • Motorcycle and MPV disabled license plates may display a distinctive symbol or letters indicating the vehicle type
  • Qualifications
    • Applicants authorized to have disabled license plates can have a special license plate for each motorcycle or MPV registered to them
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation shall make MPV disabled license plates available beginning January 1, 2024

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