Family or Legal Representative

Access to confidential case information in the file, other than the official docket, is limited to:

W.S. §7-4-105(c) A surviving spouse, surviving parent, an adult child, personal representative, legal representative, or a legal guardian.

Rules for family requests:
  • Relatives of the deceased not specifically listed in Wyoming statute can only receive a copy of the docket, and must submit the form noted above.
  • Request is by completion and submission of the appropriate signed form, with a photocopy of the requesting party’s identification, unless the ID is verified in person by coroner staff. Representatives or guardians must provide copies of legal paperwork establishing the relationship.
  • There are no fees to the family members listed for copies of the records.
W.S. §7-4-105(d) Upon making a written request, a law enforcement entity of the state of Wyoming or United States government, a district attorney, the United States attorney for the district of Wyoming, a county, state or federal public health agency, a board licensing health care professionals under title 33 of the Wyoming statutes, the division responsible for administering the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Act, the state occupational epidemiologist, the department and the division responsible for administering the Wyoming Occupational Health and Safety Act, the office of the inspector of mines, insurance companies with legitimate interest in the death, all parties in civil litigation proceedings with legitimate interest in the death or a treating physician, while in performance of his official duty…...(refer to WY Statutes 2011)

Download (PDF) Family form request.