Commissioners' Roles


The Board of County Commissioners' role is to manage the affairs of the county as authorized by Wyoming statute. The Board of County Commissioners' represent the entire County. There are no jurisdictional boundries.

Some of the specific duties of the Board of County Commissioners are to:

  • Acquire lands for roads
  • Apportion and levy taxes as provided by law
  • Examine and settle all accounts, receipts, and expenses for the county
  • Layout, alter, and discontinue any roads running through the county
  • Make orders concerning the property of the county
  • Perform other duties prescribed by law
  • Provide for the construction, maintenance, and insurance of county buildings
  • Represent the county, care for county property, and manage the business and concerns of the county in all cases where no provision is made by law

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the general statutory responsibilities, the Board of County Commissioners: