The horticulture program through the Natrona County Extension is an outreach program of the University of Wyoming and the USDA offered through the local county offices.

Training is provided to members of the public on general horticulture best management practices. More in-depth information is available through the Master Gardener program, which offers training to those who are willing to volunteer their time to help others know how to grow.


We provide advice on proper care and management of landowner trees, shrubs, turf, and gardens. With varying weather events and circumstances, access to a local resource on improved care for greater growing success is important to local gardeners. 

Availability of Services

We welcome both long-term residents as well as local newcomers to seek out advice or attend training opportunities offered in order to continue to improve local property values by keeping our communities green. Horticulture staff, Master Gardener volunteers, and a wealth of printed literature on proper cultural practices are available through our office.

Fall is a good time to stand back and assess what you like and don't like about your landscape. You can then think over that information during the winter and determine what, if anything, you'd like to change in the spring. If you are thinking of creating a more water wise landscape, download the ARLC Garden Plant Guide (PDF).   You can also download this Bloom Timing (PDF) publication to assist you in selecting plants for season long blooms. Other great publications from Barnyards & Backyards are available to help you.  

Additional Information

For more information on horticulture, please call (307) 235-9400.