Register Boats, Snowmobiles & Trailers

As of January 1, 2010, motorized watercraft, snowmobiles, and small trailers weighing under 1,000 pounds have to be titled in order to be registered. This new law applies only to motorized watercraft, snowmobiles, and small trailers purchased after January 1, 2010. If you owned the vehicle prior to this date, the law does not apply to you, but will apply to the new buyer when it is sold or changes ownership.

The changes are among several revisions to the state's vehicle titling and registration laws approved by the 2009 legislature to improve consistency, clarity, and accountability. The changes do not apply to vehicles purchased before January 1, 2010 unless ownership changes.

Exempted from that requirement is mobile machinery, such as an air compressor towed behind a vehicle, which instead requires a mobile machinery sticker available at the Treasurer's Office or ports of entry.

Homemade Watercraft

Homemade watercraft builders can get hull-numbering information from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne by calling (307) 777-4575.


The trails sticker required for riding snowmobiles on public lands is obtained from the State Parks and Cultural Resources Department or their selling agents.

Homemade Utility Trailers

Homemade utility trailers that don't have the vehicle identification number required for titling can get a state-assigned VIN through WYDOT's Motor Vehicle Services office.

VIN Inspections

Once a VIN is assigned, an inspection by a law enforcement officer is required to assure it is properly affixed to the vehicle before a title can be issued.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the WYDOT Compliance Office at (307) 777-3815.