Review Process

Visit the Assessor's Office

The review process begins with the property owner visiting the Assessor's Office. The property owner and a member of the Assessor's staff will review the information on the property record profile to be sure all property characteristic information is accurate including:
  • Construction
  • Finished area
  • Outbuildings
  • Square footage

Request a Review

Corrections or changes may affect the final market value. If there are changes, a request for review form will be completed and a physical inspection will be completed by the Assessor's Field Appraisers. The property owner may disclose any problems the property might have that the owner thinks may have not been considered by the Assessor's Office in valuing the property. Following this disclosure, a physical inspection of the property will be done by the Assessor's Office.

Additional Items to Submit

The property owner may also submit appraisals, market analysis, or any other evidence the owner would like the Assessor to consider. The owner must provide an action desired such as an estimate of value as of January 1. Statements of "the value is too high" or "is wrong" are vague and not definable.

Basic Neighborhood System & Sales Listings

For residential properties, the Assessor's staff will review the sales listing for the appropriate neighborhood with the owner and explain the basic neighborhood system. If desired by the owner, a copy of the sales listing for the owner's neighborhood will be provided.

Note: Under Wyoming Statute 34-1-142, sales information is not a public record and must be kept confidential. Persons receiving sales information will be required to sign a disclaimer saying they will not disclose the sales information. Property owners may disclose this information to the County Board of Equalization in conjunction with any hearing. Due to the confidentially of the sales information it cannot be mailed, electronically transmitted, or given over the telephone.

Option of Formal Appeal

Property owners will be provided a copy of the review form. Upon completion of the review, the property owner will receive by mail an amended schedule reflecting updated market value and estimated tax amount, or notification that no changes have been made advising them of their option to continue with a formal appeal if so desired.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the
Assessor's Office at (307) 235-9444.