Natural Resource Management Plan

 What are we doing?

Natrona County Development has hired a consultant to update Chapter 7, Natural Resource Plan, of the 2016 Development Plan.  You can view a draft of the plan below. Due to file size, the document has been separated into three sections.

 We are creating a Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) that focuses on resources that are reliant on public lands that influence custom, culture, and economics within the County.


A  natural resource plan will serve as a basis for communicating and coordinating with the federal government and its agencies on land and natural resource management issues.

This plan considers the current conditions of federal resources, county objectives for each resource, and how the county would like to see those objectives achieved. Each chapter in the plan will includes resource assessments, resource management objectives and goals, and specific priorities to address those goals.  

The chapters are:


  •       Chapter 1 - Custom and Culture
  •       Chapter 2 - Land Use
  •       Chapter 3 - Geology, Mining and Air
  •       Chapter 4 - Water Resources
  •       Chapter 5 - Wildlife and Fisheries
  •       Chapter 6 - Economics and Society
  •       Chapter 7 - Agriculture

Learn more about the process here (PDF).

We need your input

You can be part of the process by emailing your comments or mailing them to Dessa Dale at DJ&A, 121 Hickory ST, Ste.3, Missoula, MT 59801 by September 25, 2020. It won’t take long to share your opinions on important social, economic and environmental issues associated with public lands within the county and to share your thoughts on the values and culture of the county.