Parks Rules & Regulations Review Process


Natrona County has undertaken an effort to review and update the existing rules and regulations governing the Natrona County Park System.  This update and eventual promulgation of changes is governed by the Wyoming Rules of Administrative Procedure as delineated within Wyoming Statute §16-3-101 et seq.

Natrona County has elected to employ a multi-step process, starting with a review by County park staff.  Thereafter staff, in conjunction with the Natrona County Parks & Recreation Board, has engaged in two additional work sessions to review and make proposed changes to the rules.

In an effort to receive maximum public input, the Natrona County Parks Board has elected to hold at least one town hall style listening session, as well as inviting participation through written comments as well as an anticipated online survey.

Natrona County Parks & Recreation Board Role

The Natrona County Parks & Recreation Board is an advisory board created through county resolution and as such has no final rule-making authority.  However it plays a crucial role in advising and guiding the final decisions made by the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”). Once the Parks Board is comfortable with the proposed revisions, it will vote at a regular Parks Board meeting on whether the BOCC should engage in formal rulemaking.

If a recommendation is made, pursuant to Wyoming Statute §16-3-103, the BOCC must give a minimum of 45 days’ notice of its intention to adopt rules.  During that time the BOCC shall receive additional written public comment and may elect to hold public comment sessions.

At a minimum, prior to adoption the BOCC must hold a formal public hearing, after which it may adopt the rules as recommended, as amended, reject them in total or table the matter. Once adopted they will become effective upon filing with the Natrona County Clerk

Submit Your Written Comments

You may submit your written comments at any time during the rules and regulations review process. When submitting comments, include your full name, address and phone number.

To submit written comments online, complete this form and attach your comments in PDF format.

Mail written comments to:

       Natrona County Parks Department
       PO Box 848
       Mills, WY  82644