The Wandering Elf

T.W. Elf is back this year.  He has to take a break from exploring the wondrous places of Natrona County, because he is in search of his friend, Woodsy.

Help him along the way by reading his story and following the clues that take him on a journey down the Platte River Parkway.  He makes new acquaintances and rekindles an old friendship.  You can help him by deciphering the markings and coordinates he finds.  Use the GeoSMART map to plug in those coordinates and locate the next location where Woodsy was seen. 

Look for the T.W. Elf Summer Edition tab for the story and use the coordinate tool on the Natrona County Property and Ownership tab in GeoSMART.
  GeoSMART Tool Bar
Check back each week and see where he is headed next.  You can also follow along by visiting his Blog.  If you happen to find some petrified magic dust, please visit my Blog and let me know where.  If you have the latitude and longitude coordinates, that would be very helpful.  Thank you !

Hello, I am T.W. Elf.

If you click my beard... we can start our journey.

Picture of Elf holding a lantern

Please note:
By participating in the Wandering Elf program, the participant agrees to abide by all terms of the Natrona County Website Policy. Natrona County recommends that all children participating do so with their parents’ approval. Also, e-mail messages describing the participant’s search for the Wandering Elf may be published to the Natrona County website. Natrona County will ensure that any potentially personally identifiable information other than first name and age is removed before the message is shared.